Wednesday, February 24, 2010

homemade hemp milk

I made homemade hemp milk. Now don't freak, it's free of no, you can't get high from hemp milk! It's really good, much better than the store bought stuff. 

Hemp is an extremely nutritious food. 

Hemp was first cultivated in China more than 6,000 years ago, and was used as a food source long before soy foods. Hempseed is considered by leading researchers to be one of the most nutritious super foods on the planet — packed with protein, vitamin E, Omega-3, and GLA.

Hemp contains pure, digestible protein, with a good balance of all eight essential amino acids. Hemp is not only delicious, but comprised of smaller-chain edestin and albumin protein, making it the gold standard of plant foods. Hemp has three times the vitamin E of flax and twice the iron and magnesium (a key mineral often depleted by industrial agriculture) contained in flax.

Strains of Cannabis approved for industrial hemp production produce only minute amounts of this psychoactive drug, not enough for any physical or psychological effects. Typically, hemp contains below 0.3% THC, while Cannabis grown for marijuana can contain anywhere from 6 or 7 % to 20% or even more.

Industrial hemp is produced in many countries around the world. Major producers include Canada, France, and China. While more hemp is exported to the United States than to any other country, the United States Government does not consistently distinguish between marijuana and the non-psychoactive Cannabis used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Unfortunately, the US will not allow hemp to be grown for food or industrial use, so the hemp seeds you buy at the store is from Canada. Maybe someday the US will catch on and cash in on this type of use of hemp. 
Anyway, it's great! I love it in my coffee or with my cereal. 

So for dinner tonight? Thai Tempeh with collard and mustard greens over Quinoa. 


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

what do I eat?

So the question of course comes up of "what do you eat". It may seem strange or too strict for some to grasp and that is totally fine by me. My reasons for going vegan are for me and me alone. While I would love to see more people give up meat and focus on a plant based diet, I am not trying to convert anyone. If anything I post or publish is intriguing, feel free to ask questions. If anything makes you go "huh?" then just ask. It's been an adventure learning and figuring this all out and I'm still learning, reading and investigating more. 

As I figured it would be a bit more difficult to be vegan on the road, but I have tried really hard to stick to it. I strayed a bit due to choices available, but not by choice, more by lack of choice. I am not willing to starve myself for this if faced with being vegetarian or vegan. Some places are just not vegan friendly. It was easy, of course, in Portland (the most vegan friendly place in the US). I had a great vegan lunch at a mediterranean restaurant and a vegan dinner at a local place in SE Portland. Thai the night before was vegie, not sure if it was completely vegan though. At home, I have been totally vegan. In Phoenix, a bit less vegan friendly, but tonight I had an awesome portobello mushroom with sides of broccoli, spaghetti squash and couscous. Delicious and so filling.

So why am I really doing this? Number one for me is my own health, it makes me feel healthier and better all around. Number two is to lessen the number of animals killed or raised for food sources. After researching things, one of the little facts I learned is that a large majority of greenhouse gases are caused by cows. Yep, cow's farting out their methane does more damage than cars! Scary, but true. Is one person going to change the world? No, but a lot of "one persons" making changes can help to make a change. 

People ask, "Why now, why at my age?" It started with my fitness program, just feeling better, eating better and feeling like now I could stick to it and do this. I feel SO much better, more energy, just better all around. I'm sure it's a combo of things, but so far it rocks! 

So food at home? I recently did a couple of green smoothies. I thought I would hate it but I blended water, spinach, kale, apple, 1/2 banana, mixed frozen berries and it was really good. An easy way to get my veggies in and actually really good.  The little bit of fruit compared to the greens gave it just the right sweetness.

So people ask, where do I get my nutrients, protein, minerals, calcium, etc. Well, many veggies are higher in nutrients, minerals, calcium, etc than meat or cows milk. Plants are totally nutrient dense. So I'm not missing anything, except maybe B-12. But B-12 comes from bacteria. So to get B-12 you eat meat that has been contaminated with B-12 from soil, poop, etc to get the B-12 onto the meat. Meat gets the majority of B-12 from the slaughtering facility. That freaked me out a bit. I can take B-12 once a week if I need to and get plenty! 

The calcium added to orange juice is actually better absorbed by the body than the calcium in cow's milk. After weaning, most people become lactose intolerant. That has been bred out of the Caucasian race and only 20% of Caucasians are lactose intolerant. If you look at other races it's up at 50-80% lactose intolerant. And why are we the only species that drink another animals milk after weaning? Hmm... makes you think a bit. 

Where does the protein come from? Did you know that grains such as Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, etc. have so much protein and calcium that you can get almost all your calcium from one cup of cooked grain? And the protein levels are really high. Add also that Quinoa supplies all the essential amino acids your body needs and that's hard to beat. Only buy Bob's Red Mill Organic Quinoa though, it's the best and needs no rinsing. All other quinoa has to be rinsed before cooking to remove the bitter saponin that is on the outside of the grain. This quinoa rocks! Use it instead of rice and see how good it is. That was news to me before I started this, some grains are powerhouses of nutrition.  

What else is in my kitchen? 
Nuts, seeds, whole grains, lots of different veggies and fruits, the right kinds of oils such as olive oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, flax oil, tempeh, seitan, hemp milk, almond milk, non-dairy yogurt, hemp milk ice cream (Tempt Living Harvest really rocks!), veggie burgers, beans, chili, etc, etc, etc...

What's missing? Just meat, milk, butter, cheese. Do I miss it? Nope! 

Do I get hungry? Nope, not really, when I can eat right. I fill up so fast and stay satiated longer  eating lots of veggies and grains than I did with meat, dairy, etc. It's a bit harder on the road when your options are a bagel as a vegan item.

Can I keep it up? Hell ya, feeling like this? There's no stopping me! It really isn't that hard and it makes me feel better and that's all I need! 

Eat your veggies,