Monday, November 21, 2011

Drugs vs. Food - It's Up to You


I can't comprehend why people would rather pop a pill for an ailment than to make a change in their eating habits. I guess it's easier to be put on medication than to make a lifestyle change and eat foods that can heal your body. 

I'm not saying all meds are bad and I'm not saying some are unnecessary, but with all the research, documentation, studies, etc out there why don't people try a plants based diet to help with their conditions. We know from numerous studies that eating a plant based diet can help many people get off meds for diabetes, heart disease, etc. So why don't people give it a try? Is it because doctors don't think to recommend diet as a medication? Is it because they are too entrenched in the pharma business? Or are we as a people getting lazy thinking it's easier to pop a pill than to plan a meal that nourishes our body? 

Every single drug has multiple side effects, some which can be quite severe or quite annoying to the person taking that drug.  Eating a plant based diet for your health is the best gift you can give your body. It might even help to free you from medications you take, or help to decrease the dosage. It's time to put yourself first, take a bit of time and make a switch. Do it for your health! If you won't do it for your health, then do it for your family, kids, friends, pets, etc give them more time with you by eating foods that nourish the body and help to alleviate and/or present disease. Do it to make a difference in how you feel. 

What are you waiting for? 

Need inspiration? Watch Forks over Knives...Read the China Study...Watch Food Matters...Watch Food, Inc.  Do it!