Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mango Pineapple Chia Fresca

Pineapple Mango Chia Fresca
Oh Yum...Delish...not sure what made me come up with this one, maybe it is because the weather here in Portland today is picture perfect. Or maybe because tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Whatever the reason, I'm glad it popped into my head today. 

Chia seeds are so good for you...yes, chia seeds as in ch ch ch chia (pets!). Those little terracotta pets from the 1970s...they still exist today, although I rarely see the commercial anymore! Just make sure you get your own bag of chia seeds, don't use the ones that come with the chia pet! 

My favorite brand is Navitas Naturals

Why is chia so good for you? You know I'm going to list the reasons, right? 

  • Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, even more so than flax and they have 8X more Omega 3 than salmon! 
  • Chia seeds don't have to be ground like flax seed, so they can be stored much longer without going rancid. Remember, flax has to be ground otherwise it, um, passes right through you! 
  • Chia seeds are hydrophilic, they absorb about 10X their weight in water so they are can help with hydration
  • Chia seeds have protein, fiber, manganese, zinc and calcium
  • They may get stuck in your try not to chew it, just drink it!

Mango Pineapple Chia Fresca: 

Put 2 TBS of chia seeds in 1 cup of cold filtered water in a mason jar and put the lid on it. This allows you to shake the mixture to help the chia seeds from clumping together. Let sit for 10 minutes so that chia seeds become gelatinous

In a blender put: 
2 peeled and chopped fresh ripe mangoes
1 cup of pineapple (fresh preferred, but you could use frozen) 
1 cup of cold water
Blend until smooth 

Add blended fruit mix to mason jar and mix by inversion/shaking. Pour into a glass, or just enjoy it out of the mason jar. 

Modifications: Instead of water use cold fresh coconut water, add lime juice or lemon juice, try watermelon or strawberry or your other favorite fruit. 

If you have access to Harmless Harvest brand of raw organic coconut water, try it, it's awesome and comes the closest to fresh young Thai coconut water that you get in Thailand right on the street at every market. Having tried fresh young Thai coconuts last year in Thailand I can tell you this is the closest I have ever had here in the US. The other brands don't come close and I don't really care for the other ones. 

If you aren't adding fruit, you can use a sweetener such as maple syrup (1/2TBS) or raw agave syrup, etc. 

Traditional Chia Fresca is cold water, chia seeds, lime or lemon juice and some type of sweetener. 

Drink, enjoy, yum! 

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